Void is one of the villains of the series Berserk. He is a member of the God Hand with a large, exposed brain, eyes stitched shut and lips peeled back. He is the most philosophical God Hand member and is primarily concerned with analyzing and controlling the course of destiny. Void is the one who brands the sacrifices made by tortured souls in order for them to become Apostles and achieve their dream. His cloak and body seem to be distorted and he has the power to open up a sort of inter dimensional mirror portal at his own will. Also notable, he has six fingers on each hand. Apparently the nemesis of the Skull Knight, who he may have sacrificed himself in a long passed story similar to Guts', he seems to be the leader of the group. In the anime, Void also has the role of narrator, introducing each episode and previewing the next. His name could be inspired by John Boyd, a Science-Fiction author, or Destination: Void, a sci-fi novel by Frank Herbert.