Delmore is Aldra's possessor and a Fallen Angel from Hades. She(He in the original Japaneses Version) imbues Aldra with some of her power at the cost of her forever staying as a child (which was when she went to go look for her long-lost sister). Aldra would finally reject her after losing to Leina in the finals Delmora to emerges. It is revealed that Delmora separated Aldra from her sister so that she would despair and seek to use her power for revenge so that she could get her body in return. Nanael pours more holy milk on Delmora, then Claudette, Tomoe, and finally Leina attack, defeating her as Leina emerges victorious. Aldra matures to adulthood in an instant since Delmora had given her eternal youth, and Tomoe tells her that she can seek her sister in Hinomoto herself. Soon after, Leina is crowned the new Queen.


  • In the Japanese Version Delmore is male while in the English Version Delmore is female.